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Solving Problems that Make Millions

Podcast Interview with Pizza & Property

One of our favourite interviews took place with Todd Sloan from Pizza & Property talking about solving property development problems. We believe we have to get back up in the face of hard times and keep on focussing on the end goal. In this interview we get down and dirty discussing no matter how difficult a situation may get, keep powering on and do everything you possibly can to come up with a solution (despite what gets in your way!). We walk through a whole range of different problems we have faced, how we solved them and how aligned we are with our business, Harwood Homes.

Experienced property developer Noarlunga South Australia

If you are thinking of buying a reno project, developing a property or even just investing in a rent and hold piece of real estate, this is an episode where you will get some incredibly valuable information and potentially some answers to some very costly problems you can avoid completely!

We talk about:

  • What to do when a development site can no longer be developed?
  • Very creative and cost effective solutions to water pipe replacement
  • Why it’s so important to have great trades in your team

Click on the button below to listen to Episode 80 of the Pizza and Property podcast.

Joint Ventures in Property and what you need to know

Nicola & Mark, of Harwood Homes, pride themselves on being professional with a friendly, down to earth, honest approach to property development. If you would like to chat with them about developing your property click on the button below.