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Why you can trust Harwood Homes when it comes to property

Nicola and Mark are experienced & accomplished experts in maximising property potential in South Australia. We empower people in their property decisions, by providing professional and honest advice. Our relationships are based on transparency, trust and integrity. We look forward to seeing how we can help you achieve your property goals.

Sub division

Find out if you can sub divide your home and whether it's worth it.

Sell privately

Sell your home without an agent privately, easily, quickly and avoid having streams of people come through your house.

Working Together

We can work with you to maximise the returns on a property you already own.

Property Subdivision Experts South of Adelaide, Noarlunga


Did you know that following planning changes in SA in 2021, many properties that previously couldn’t be subdivided can now be split into smaller blocks? Following the changes, for some properties, the opposite is also true. This makes knowing what you can do in a particular suburb/ street quite tricky. Just because your neighbours split their block into 3 smaller blocks, doesn’t mean that you can too. Each property needs to be analysed individually as the rules around development of land are always changing. That’s where we can help!


We individually analyse your property to see if there is an opportunity for subdivision - whether it can be achieved, and if it is financially viable.

Financial Review

Will the result achieve what you need in terms of being able to sell the land or the type of building that can be created on the new blocks?


The development of land can be costly if you get it wrong. Whilst there is never absolute certainty in the subdivision process, we as property developers take the guess work out of the scenario to give you peace of mind before spending thousands of $'s without knowing the likely outcome.

For some of our clients, who don’t have the funds available to start or complete a subdivision we have come to an agreement to inject some funds into their projects and work together to make it happen. So if you’re thinking you may have a site ripe for development and are thinking of subdividing your land, or creating new housing but don’t know where to start, or how to finance it, we can help.

Sell Your Home Privately

Sell your property without an agent privately, easily, quickly and avoid having streams of people come through your house. Selling a house privately is becoming increasingly common. You might have seen the occasional “house for sale by owner” signs? One reason for a quick & private sale is that the funds may be required for a new property, aged care accomodation or a change in life circumstances.

Sell your home privately without an agent

Fast Sale

Your property can be sold very quickly, in some cases, in as little as 14-30 days. Once the price has been agreed the legal contract is drawn up, reviewed by all parties then the conveyancers sort out the transfer of$'s and land titles. Pretty simple.

More Money in Your Pocket

There are no expensive marketing campaigns. Selling without an agent can mean tens of thousands of dollars stay in your pocket.
Chat with Mark or Nicola to discuss your needs.


A common reason for private sale is to avoid the world knowing your business. We all have those curious neighbours who turn up at local house opens & love to gossip.

Port Noarlunga Property Development After with Harwood Homes

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. - Helen Keller

Working Together

Working together, whether it’s renovating your property prior to selling, maximising your land potential through subdivision or a full development project, we can help you achieve your property goals.

Commonly known as a joint venture, working in this way allows two or more people to enter a business arrangement to agree to combine their resources for the purpose of accomplishing a specific task or project. It is much simpler to set up than you may think and it’s purpose is to be mutually beneficial, enabling each party to achieve profits which they couldn’t have achieved individually. 

Click on over to our projects page to see how we have worked with others.

Renovate Your Property Before Selling

Renovating your property is one of the best ways to maximise your market value and end sales result. Limited time, lack of knowledge, meeting & managing trades are some of the reasons our clients bring us on board.

We can work with you to maximise the returns on a property you already own. For some people, working together works the best. We are often asked “Should I renovate my house before selling?” or “What does a full house renovation cost?”

We can help analyse your property to see if it is worth renovating before selling. We have completed many property renovations and bring along a set of experienced and skilled trades people to get a professional result quickly. We know which home renovations are the best to add value.

When funds are not available to complete the renovations we work together to manage the project, provide the funds required to complete the renovation prior to sale so you can see the project through.

Renovation prior to sale experts

You may be surprised to learn how much it can make in the end result with your property likely to be in demand and thus command a higher sale value = extra $$’s in your pocket!

We can offer you peace of mind in managing your property renovation prior to sale. It is our goal to maximise your end sale result so you can get on with life and be a little richer for it.

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Let us help you

Need help selling a property privately?

Selling a property privately has many benefits and we can help you complete the transaction effortlessly & painlessly. 
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